COHI 2017 Challenge Campaign

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The Community of Hope lives and gives in the love of God. But it’s up to us.

Everyone shares their time and talent. But only 6% of us made a financial contribution to COHI last year. What if 100% of us gave at least $10 each year? We would have a solid base of $15,000 to build on. We would all have some spirit in the game. COHI could sustain and secure its future. What do you say?
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Share your "In" pictures for the Campaign with us! Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge a few years ago? This is OUR version of it and here's how you can play along.  Click on the Case for Support button above to read about what we've accomplished in 2017 to date and our 2018 initiatives. Consider downloading and printing the "I'm In!" piece (click on button below) and snap a pic of you holding the sign after you've donated.  Lastly, post your pic on our Facebook page to show your support!  It's easy and we hope to inspire all COHI members to donate $10 or more to our 2018 Campaign.    


How has the COHI experienced changed you? Carol Heddleston, a lay chaplain at Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown, Texas wrote this VISITATION STORY that speaks to the rich pastoral experience she's had with care receivers. Do you have a story to share?  If so, contact Catherine Miller - we'd love to hear from you!