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Case for Support Message

2017 Challenge Campaign!

Living and Giving in the Name of God

Within the Community of Hope International you are changing lives each day by giving comfort, strength, love, and hope to people who are lonely or hurting. You are also changing your life in the process, growing in relationship with God and in community, as you walk alongside others in their journey with our Lord. Your generosity in giving to our ministry continues to enable COHI to live out our mission: To nurture Christian community, shaped by Benedictine spirituality, united in prayer, serving others as pastoral caregivers. 

The story below is one of many that demonstrates how you bring our mission to life:

My COHI visitation partner and I had just completed some visits at our local nursing home. It was the end of a long day and we both had already shifted our focus to the upcoming events of the evening. As we hurried for the door, our attention was drawn to one more room. About the same time, we both made eye contact with the resident and then with each other…there was time for one more visit. We entered the room to find her sitting alone. As we began to greet her it became apparent she was not able to speak. We sat with her for a while and during that time we offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the time we had together. When we stood to leave, we told her we would see her on our next visit. She said, “Hope!”    

This past year, in addition to sharing your time and talent, 6% you shared your treasure to help COHI meet the challenge from our benefactor to match up to $10,000.00. THANK YOU!!! Your gifts helped position us for greater growth and service to continue to live out our mission, enabling lay people across the United States and into Malawi, Africa to do the work of ministry by allowing us to:

  • Add a part-time executive director to address the nuts and bolts of daily operation
  • Add a new communication tool, Constant Contact, for e-blasts to reach more of our members 
  • Cover administrative costs associated with maintaining our database through e-Tapestry
  • Move our annual conference to a weekend time slot and to Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas to open attendance possibilities for those who work and provide a new experience, leading to growth opportunities
  • Increase the number of scholarships offered to attend the annual conference
  • Continue work on completing the full set of training videos in Spanish
  • Maintain enhanced financial and program support for our regional representatives for regional retreats and center support. 
  • Plant the seeds of COHI in fertile ground, including work to expand COHI to all Anglican Dioceses in Malawi
  • Add new centers across the country

We have the opportunity to build on this success with a new challenge grant from our generous benefactor who this year will match up to $9,000.00 in donations given by the end of 2017! We are so blessed to have a benefactor who stands by us year after year in this way. Their goal for our community is to help us along the way until we become self-sustaining as Benedict intended for his communities. If 100% of us gave at least $10.00 each year, we would have a solid base of $15,000.00 to build on and we would draw down this year’s challenge grant for a total of $24,000.00. That is a fabulous start to realizing our total 2018 philanthropy budget of $30,000.00. We would all have some “Spirit in the Game!” We do not need or expect to dramatically increase our annual budget in the years to come, but we must be able to generate at least $30,000 each year in philanthropy (over and above income from center fees and licensing) to sustain our current program and to further share the transforming experience of serving in this unique pastoral care ministry which creates communities of caregivers who seek and serve Christ in one another and those they meet. 

With your gift, 2018 brings opportunities for:

  • Targeting faith-based organizations by developing and producing a promotional video which will be used to break new ground
  • Developing the full potential of recent improvements in operating capacity, including:
    • Enhancement of our website, including resources to support regional representatives and existing centers (Circle of Care ideas) as well as encouragement of inquiries
    • Continued utilization of Constant Contact for creation and delivery of e-blast communications
    • Promotion of the Spanish translations of the teaching modules and completion of the Spanish translations of the remaining videos
    • Preparation of additional videos and other materials to support continuing education  
  • Significantly increasing publicity for the annual COHI conference and increasing the number of attendees; continuing to increase our scholarship support accordingly. 
  • Expanding the number of our centers by 10% in 2018 and concurrently increasing our total membership by the same percentage
  • Continuing work to cultivate and support new centers in Malawi

Listening with the ear of our heart, praying, forming Benedictine communities, and growing spiritually speak to our life in the COHI community which is made better by all of us.  

So put some Spirit in the Game and help us answer this year’s challenge grant to secure our future! It’s easy…simply DONATE NOW or mail a check to Cynthia Drake, our administrator, at 13501 Ranch Road 12, 103 Wimberley, Texas 78676.

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and all you do to support this community we call Hope!

Where do our funds come from and where do they go?

2017 Budget Revenue and Expenses

Revenue budgeted = $117,108.00

Expenses budgeted = $119,813.00

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Jennifer Sassin | COHI Executive Director