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2019 Fundraising Campaign Case for Support

Celebrating 25 Years of Compassion and Hope!

25 Years…25 Days…$25,000

In 1994, Community of Hope International (COHI) began at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX under the leadership and direction of our Founder and President Emeritus, The Rev. Dr. Helen Appelberg. Through its 25 years, COHI has grown from a presence in one hospital, in one city, to centers in over 100 churches, hospitals, hospices, and retirement centers throughout the United States and in Malawi, Africa. From 12 initial trainees, we now have over 2,200 lay chaplains who have answered the call to be a listening presence to those who are hurting and vulnerable.

We can give ourselves a big pat on the back for enduring a quarter of a century (being around for 25 years is quite an accomplishment after all!) but, more importantly, we are grateful for God’s grace in seeing us this far and honor you…our lay chaplains! Many of you have been with us for 25 years and, as you have journeyed in COHI, you have touched and transformed many lives and served as leaders, facilitators, regional representatives, and board members. 

We can celebrate 25 years of building Benedictine communities and bringing Christ’s love to those in need by sharing our stories and investing in the future of our ministry. In keeping with our “25 Years” theme, consider giving $25, $250, or $2,500.

Three ways to give on the COHI website!

  • The Helen Appelberg Mustard Seed Fund, which will ensure that Helen’s legacy lives on by funding new COHI centers around the world.

  • In memory or honor of someone who’s represented servant leadership in your life.

  • Monthly to help sustain COHI day-in and day-out.

You can also donate by mailing a check to
Maria Wellisch
COHI Treasurer
13706 Bluff Villas Court
San Antonio, TX 78216. 

We must be self-sustaining as Benedict intended for his communities. This means we need all of us to generate a solid base to build on. As Helen Appelberg has said, “God continues to write the script for who we are to become.” Your gift will enable us to further share the transforming experience of serving in this unique pastoral care ministry which creates communities of caregivers who seek and serve Christ in one another and those they meet. With your gift, 2020 brings opportunities for:

  • Continuing to target faith-based organizations, while commencing the planning phase of projects that target youth and secular agencies

  • Initiating training for facilitators in different regions of the country

  • Increasing marketing efforts to encourage clergy-to-clergy communication on the benefits of COHI for their communities and to encourage members to make a special donation to COHI on St. Benedict’s Day

  • Adding board support for centers through materials and feedback

  • Developing tutorials on modules for adult forum meetings for whole parishes

  • Conducting research related to mental health and addiction for upcoming curriculum review

  • Continuing to develop the full potential of recent improvements in operating capacity, including:

  • Enhancement of our website, including resources to support regional representatives and existing centers (Circle of Care ideas and resources)

  • Promotion of our dedicated COHI Facebook page, encouraging communication from across all COHI regions

  • Continued utilization of Constant Contact for creation and delivery of e-blast communications

  • Promotion of the Spanish translations of the teaching modules and completion of the Spanish translations of the remaining videos

  • Preparation of additional videos and other materials to support continuing education, including revising videos and generating easily accessible webinars

  • Encouragement of inquiries

  • Expanding the number of our centers by 10% in 2020 and concurrently increasing our total membership

  • Expanding the number of centers for vulnerable populations, such as retirement centers and Hispanic communities

COHI is as relevant today as it was at its founding. Join us in being part of the next 25 years!

2019 Budget Revenue and Expenses

Revenue budgeted = $63,130.00

Expenses budgeted = $88,900.00

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