Founder & President - The Rev. Dr. Helen Appelberg

The youngest of three girls, Helen grew up in Tyler, Texas. After many years of education, marriage and owning a business in Houston, Helen was ordained in the Episcopal Church in 1990. She then served as Assistant Director of Pastoral Care for St. Luke’s Episcopal and Texas Children’s Hospitals. In 1994 Helen founded Community of Hope, and from 1996 until retirement was the full time director. Today, Helen is Board president of the Community of Hope International.

Helen has served on the Diocese of Texas Executive Board, Clergy Pastoral Care and Standing Committee. She is a graduate of Seminary of the Southwest and in 1995 received a Doctorate of Ministry from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of the Pecos Benedictine Monastery School for Spiritual Directors and an oblate in the World Community for Christian Meditation. 

After retiring in 2002, Helen moved to Galveston where she became a Visiting Scholar in the Sealy Center on Aging at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Now a Fellow, she is Director of the Center for Spirituality of Aging. She also serves as Associate Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Galveston and co-facilitates their Community of Hope training center.

Every day Helen is grateful for God’s amazing gift of grace and blessing, especially for her daughter Katrina, husband Scott, three delightful grand children, devoted friends and community.

Board Members

The Rev. Dr. Helen Appelberg           President and Founding Director of COHI  (Galveston, TX)

Br. Michael Gallagher OSB                Member-at-Large
(409) 504-5283 (cell)                            (Beaumont, TX)

Pam Heidt                                                        Secretary and Co-Regional Representative Coordinator
(361) 727-7058
(Rockport, TX) 

Carolyn Cockroft                                       New Center Start-up Coordinator
(Lorton, Virginia)

Carrie Watson                                             Vice President and Co- Regional Representative Coordinator
(512) 627-6623 (cell)                                      (Huntsville, TX)

Dora Laird
Cell: (361) 205-5685                                  (Rockport, TX)

Jude Arceneaux                          Parliamentarian
409.273.1732 (cell)                                   (Lakeland, FL)

Laura Masterson                                 Chaplain                                                 (Austin, TX)

Jennifer Sassin                                           
713-569-4546 (cell)

Carol Heddleston
Cell: (703) 220-9149
(Georgetown, TX)