APRIL 8, 2019


By Laura Masterson | COHI Chaplain

Do you remember the last time you really connected with something in the Bible? What is it like for you to read Scripture in a way that changes you? 

Since we have been thinking about mission and have touched on recognizing Paul's letters as pivotal in our understanding of mission involving the uniqueness of every human, I felt moved to include some guiding questions while we read scripture that may lead us toward a deeper understanding of God's movement within us as we read. (Taken from Becoming the Gospel, M. Gorman, Eerdmans Publishing, 2015)

-What do these texts say, implicitly or explicitly, about the missional character of God?

-What do the texts reveal about humanity and the world?

-What do the texts say about the nature and mission of God's people in the world/about the church being understood as an agent of divine mission?

-How do these texts relate to the larger scriptural witness, in both testaments, to the missio Dei and the mission of God's people?

-In our specific CoHI context, how might we deliberately read this text as God's call to us as the people of God to participate in the missio Dei to which it bears witness?

May the Word of God open your heart to listening and mobilize your feet to loving.

Lenten Blessings, Laura