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Looking for ideas for your Circles of Care? Below are great resources to share with you.  We'll be updating this page frequently so please check back.  

Visio Divina - Divine Seeing (Praying with Images) 

Explore another way to pray with the Eyes of the Heart.  

Humility - The Lost Virtue

A reflective and powerful exercise on humility for your Circle of Care.

Litany for Healing

This Litany is a great way to open a Circle of Care meeting.  Taken from the Episcopal BCP.  

In the Service of Life Exercise

Article by Rachel Naomi Remen. MD

"How can I serve" not "How can I Help" - Read article as a group and discuss questions. 


Listening Skills - Feelings Wheel Exercise

Attached is the Feelings Wheel exercise which can help us better develop our listening skills and help us to identify the underlying emotions to a care receiver’s feeling.

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Listening Skills Presentation

by Laura Masterson

COHI Annual Conference, June, 2016