Although Community of Hope International exists to train pastoral care givers, the reach of its impact and benefits does not extend only to those who are cared for and served. Read the testimonials below to learn what an important impact this ministry has on the lives of those who participate in it.


on the community of coh

“Community is about the ‘y’all’, as we say in Texas, not about self!…Now, six months into the Community of Hope studies and reflections, I have gained additional spiritual sustenance and resources, for myself and for others in this very real, wearying, and worrisome world. Ironically, recent circumstances have brought me to my knees and yet I am experiencing the embrace of community. The communion its fellowship offers - its spontaneous love, sacrifice, prayers, and gifts - have lifted me up. Loving hands made the prayer shawl, those with wisdom listened closely, some cooked, others prayed. “ Pam K., Dallas, TX

on personal growth

"By introducing me to the Rule of Benedict and, thus, the meaning of Benedictine spirituality, my life has become more meaningful and more sacred. My prayer life is a very important part of every day now. Of course, the pastoral care part of the ministry is very important to me; listening is the most difficult and rewarding part of the visits we make." Carol H., Pohick Episcopal, VA

All artwork by Pam Heidt

On Benedictine spirituality

When I first entered the Monastery we gathered for prayer as a community seven times a day, and the bell rang ten minutes in advance to give us time to assemble for worship…After a few weeks in my new setting, I threw up my hands in exasperation one afternoon as the bell summoned us to prayer, thinking, “How am I ever going to get anything done if I am constantly interrupted by this bell every few hours?”… But after following this pattern day after day, month after month, the lesson finally dawned: there was no difference between prayer and work! My work was my prayer and my prayer was my work. I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees… I needed a community, other people to be accountable to, to journey along the same road with, before I could stick with the plan that I sensed was ever so necessary for me… But now I have begun to learn how to be with God even in the midst of the chaos that is my life. - Brother Michael, Beaumont, TX